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Sexuality and Dementia

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Wornell, Douglas
Sexuality And Dementia
It is very common for a person with dementia to exhibit unexpected or inappropriate sexual behavior and yet few resources exist to help partners, family members, caregivers, and others address it. Now for the first time, esteemed geriatric neuropsychiatrist Dr. Doug Wornell provides a compassionate and detailed understanding of the issue and strategies for how to cope.Tackling a difficult subject without shame or embarrassment, Sexuality and Dementia offers essential information and practical solutions so that people with dementia and their partners can have stronger and happier relationships. It provides:1) an explanation of the physical basis of the connection between dementia and changes in sexual drive and behavior, including the impact of anatomy, brain chemicals and hormones2) information on the sexual effects of medications used in dementia treatment3) an understanding of how emotional connections can be distorted in dementia (for instance, love may become funny and sexual excitement may be accompanied by either sadness or anger)4) practical advice for how to handle sexual behavior like flirtation, masturbation, verbal abuse, grabbing, and exhibitionism5) recommendations to minimize the legal risk and potential for injury, as well as the risk of abuse or becoming a victim of inappropriate sexual behavior, in long-term care facilities6) personal stories of the many ways couples have chosen to deal with the changes to their sexual dynamic and relationshipShedding light on a topic that is too often ignored or brushed aside, Sexuality and Dementia is an invaluable resource, providing hope that people with dementia and their partners can maintain sexually satisfying lives while dealing productively with inappropriate and troubling behavior.

Demos Medical Publishing, ISBN: 9781936303557

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