Safety and Risk Modeling and Its Applications

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Pham, Hoang
Safety And Risk Modeling And Its Applications
Safety and Risk Modeling presents the latest theories and methods of safety and risk with an emphasis on safety and risk in modeling. It covers applications in several areas including transportations and security risk assessments, as well as applications related to current topics in safety and risk. Safety and Risk Modeling is a valuable resource for understanding the latest developments in both qualitative and quantitative methods of safety and risk analysis and their applications in operating environments. Each chapter has been written by active researchers or experienced practitioners to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to trigger new research challenges in safety and risk. Topics include: safety engineering,system maintenance,safety in design,failure analysis, andrisk concept and modelling. Postgraduate students, researchers, and practitioners in many fields of engineering, operations research, management, and statistics will find Safety and Risk Modeling a state-of-the-art survey of reliability and quality in design and practice.

Springer, ISBN: 9780857294692

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