Good Daughters

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Beard, Patricia
Good Daughters
What shall we do about our mothers? Millions of adult daughters ask one another this question as their mothers age, fight illnesses and loneliness, and sometimes outlive their savings. Caught between caring for their mothers and other responsibilities, women in midlife are affected by guilt, anger, and anxiety as they struggle to be good daughters. Now journalist-and daughter-Patricia Beard asks How can we make our peace with our mothers? What does it mean to be a good daughter? Why is it so hard? How can we do better? In this sensible and inspirational book, she explores the tensions of the mother-daughter relationship, the reality of being old in our society, and the new roles daughters formulate as their mothers grow older. In stories gathered from hundreds of interviews, she offers clearheaded and openhearted insights into the practical and emotional problems that confront mothers and daughtersand shows how even in the last, difficult phase, they can face change and loss with courage, compassion, and a stronger relationship. Fascinating and informativea valuable resourcea book I highly recommend. Horace B. Deets ,former executive director, AARP Patricia Beard has written a thoughtful and intelligent book about a subject that is central to our lives. Brava. Roxanna Robinson ,author of This Is My Daughter

Argo-Navis, ISBN: 9780786755332

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