286 Full-Color Animal Illustrations

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Jardine, Sir William
286 Full-color Animal Illustrations
From diminutive hummingbirds to colossal elephants, from exotic butterflies to the common perch, this magnificent collection of full-color animal illustrations features a diverse range of wildlife that will enchant both artists and animal lovers. First published between 1833 and 1845 in British naturalist William Jardine's 40-volume The Naturalist's Library, these meticulous illustrations were sensationally popular in their day. Their detail, accuracy, and fine rendering make them enormously appealing even now more than a century and a half later. The present volume features 286 of the finest color illustrations from Jardine's work, depicting scores of familiar and interesting animals. Divided into four categories, they include: mammals (fox, mouse, bear, dog, lion, whale, etc.); birds, common and exotic (swan, goose, falcon, kestrel, puffin, sunbird, etc.); fishes (bass, mackerel, piranha, swordfish, salmon, etc.,); and insects (locust, beetle, bee, butterfly, moth, etc.). A priceless archive of copyright-free art, these magnificent illustrations, complete with their original identifying captions, can be easily scanned or reproduced on a color copier, making them ideal for use by graphic artists and designers. Naturalists and nature lovers will find that the accuracy and exquisite detail of the plates offer a wonderful browsing experience.

Dover Publications, ISBN: 9780486401379

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